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In a groundbreaking move for sustainable healthcare, Capital Fund is excited to support Collective Energy Company, LLC, with a strategic loan aimed at enhancing environmental and health outcomes. This partnership marks a pivotal moment, showcasing our commitment to innovative solutions that address both health and environmental challenges.

Collective Energy, based in Ojai, California, has embarked on a mission to equip 23 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) with state-of-the-art solar and energy storage systems. The project, valued at approximately $8.6 million, leverages solar tax credits covering 30% to 50% of the system costs, making these vital upgrades accessible and affordable.

Capital Fund has provided a $5 million loan, with $3 million funded directly by us and an additional $2 million potentially sourced from a participating lender to meet the project's full financial needs. The Kresge Foundation has generously offered a 20% guarantee for the loan, reinforcing the financial stability and sustainability of this initiative.

The solar systems will enable health centers to purchase power at rates equivalent to their current electrical expenses, with the option to buy the systems after six years. This not only ensures financial predictability but also contributes to significant environmental benefits. We are currently exploring metrics to quantify the environmental impact of our loans, such as kilowatt-hours produced and the equivalent number of trees saved.

This project serves as a model for future initiatives that aim to integrate sustainability into community health efforts. By reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact, Collective Energy is setting a new standard for how health services can contribute to a healthier planet. Learn more about Collective Energy here >

To learn more about how Capital Fund and our affiliate Capital Link are innovating at the intersection of health and environmental sustainability, and to stay updated on our projects, visit chargepartnership.org. You can also contact Brandon Boyle, Director of Loan Programs at Capital Fund, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..