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Community Health Development, Inc. (CDHI)’s recent $16.4 million capital project in Uvalde, TX, is not only expanding area health services, but also investing in the future of its young community members. In addition to growing its medical, dental, behavioral health, preventative health, and pharmacy services, the expansion will also introduce a workforce development program for local youth. Capital Fund is proud to contribute both a $3.4 million source loan and a $200,000 direct loan to this project.

Construction is currently underway for the new, modern 16,000-square-foot primary care clinic, which will expand patient services, provide support and educational services to staff, and serve as a community resource to other non-profits in Uvalde. The integration of medical and social services in one location will be a long-awaited convenience due to limited local transportation options.

In addition to Capital Fund’s contribution, the project is also being financed through a $16 million New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation from TransPecos Development Corp.

The new health center will consist of six medical exam rooms, three dental operatories, a behavioral health office, a clinical work area for medical providers and nurses, a dental work area, a lab, pharmacy, medication room, two sterilization rooms, and an enabling services office. It will also house an office space with eight workstations and two administrative offices, a workforce development area and internet café, seven offices dedicated to legal aid and social services, a large lobby, training and meeting rooms, a breakroom, kitchen, and multiple storage areas.

Partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the health center will offer a program that allows youth to use virtual reality to explore various career choices and emerging technologies. Nearly all non-provider staff for the health center will be hired from the local community, offering competitive, livable wages compared to other large employers in the area. Additionally, CHDI is working with the state PCA as one of five health centers engaged in a pilot apprentice program focused on training medical assistants. If successful, this program will expand to include dental assistants and pharmacy technicians.

In 2022, CDHI delivered care to 11,709 patients across 44,751 visits through 121 full time equivalent employees (FTEs) at five locations. Of the patients who reported their income, 85% were at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Per the 2020 census, Uvalde County has a total population of 24,565, and it is estimated that 19% of the population lacks health care coverage. However, due to Uvalde’s proximity to the Mexican border, there is a large migrant population not always reflected in census data, leading CDHI to estimate a higher actual population.

The new health center is located in a medically underserved area with a 32.50% poverty rate and an unemployment rate 1.81 times the national average. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), CHDI is dedicated to serving all patients regardless of their ability to pay. The health center strives to be the provider of choice for their community blending comprehensive patient-centered services, staff engagement, the latest technology, community partnerships, and strategic relationships.

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