What We Do

Eligibility and General Lending Guidelines

Capital Fund offers flexible loan terms and conditions depending on the needs of the health center and its project. General parameters are outlined below, but may be modified as the situation requires.

Lending priorities and application information.

Eligibility: Federally-Qualified Health Centers (Section 330s and Look-alikes); other similar organizations may be eligible as determined on a case-by-case basis.

Loan Purposes: Real estate acquisition, construction, renovation, expansion, leasehold improvements; related equipment purchases; bridge loans for grants, fundraising campaigns or in conjunction with historic or other tax credits; NMTC-related loans and day loans.

Loan Size: Up to $2 million. Loans of larger size may be available through participating agreements with other lenders; please contact Capital Fund to discuss your needs.

Term: Up to 90 months; flexible amortization schedules.

Rate: Interest rate based on funding source, current market conditions and underwriting/risk analysis of borrower; designed to be competitive with the current market.

Repayment: Flexible terms, depending on loan type: interest-only or partially amortizing (with balloon payment at maturity), or fully amortizing (amortization schedule TBD).

Collateral: Senior or subordinate position on real estate and other collateral, evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Fees: 1% origination fee. Borrower pays all costs associated with loan closing, including legal, title/recording, appraisal, environmental assessments, etc.